Baby’s Early Taste Experiences Can Shape Their Eating Habits for Life – New App Can Help.


Research shows that before the age of two (starting in the womb and continuing through breast-feeding, weaning and up to toddler age) kids can be taught to like and prefer the flavor of vegetables using a process called Early Flavor Learning. Flavor preferences formed before the age of two continue into adulthood, and help promote children who are healthy, less-picky eaters.

Today there’s an app designed to help mom’s take advantage of this important time. The app is called FlavorBaby and is now available on the Apple App Store.

Here’s how it works:
Studies show that Early Flavor Learning is best achieved by providing a variety of food flavors in a 4 to 5 day rotation. FlavorBaby accomplishes this by dividing vegetables into four major flavor families and then providing mom with a “Flavor of the Day,” giving her the flexibility to choose the vegetable she prefers from within that day’s flavor family.

flavobaby screens 1-3

FlavorBaby is also organized by life stage and provides daily flavor suggestions and information that matches baby’s needs during each important phase of Early Flavor Learning.

life stages

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the mother eats the day’s vegetable and provides baby with a flavor experience in the womb or via breast milk. During all other phases, baby eats (or tastes) the day’s vegetable, sometimes in puree form depending on life stage.

The FlavorBaby app allows parents to select the vegetables they like best, so they can customize their (and their child’s) experience and the flavors they share with their child during Early Flavor Learning to better match those of the foods they’ll prepare for them later in life. FlavorBaby is visually-based (like Instagram) and contains photos and cooking methods for 44 vegetables, and has simple, delicious recipes for each, including recipes for baby food puree.

flavorbaby screens 4-6

Research has shown that it can sometimes take up to 12 trials before a vegetable is liked or accepted, so the app has a handy Trial Tracker feature to help mom track baby’s first flavor experience including how many times baby has tried a vegetable and whether they liked it. There’s also a shopping list feature and a color-coded, monthly overview to track progress as well.

Parenting is a job like no other. Parents are tasked with the sometimes overwhelming responsibility of setting their children up for a successful life. FlavorBaby can help lighten that load, especially when it comes to nourishing and teaching babies about healthy flavors.

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